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  • What are the benefits of being an actor influencer?

    In the extremely competitive field of acting any edge that you can create is going to give you an advantage. In today's market, being an actor influencer gives you an advantage because Producers are looking at a social following more and more during the casting process. It also shows Agents and Managers that you have credibility and care about your social media impact.

    We have had many actors sign up because they told us they lost a role based on a low following.

  • Does your service bring me interested and engaged followers?

    Yes, 100%. Our service promotes your page to targeted and engaged users, many of which will check out your page and follow you back. That's why it's very important to keep posting and engaging your new followers.

  • Are your services safe to use?

    Yes. Our services are educating and promoting real, engaged users to interact with Instagram users and that only helps with Instagram's overall engagement. We don't practice any "scam" or "spam" type services and always apply safe techniques and practices. Our clients are artists using our services to promote their awesome content, and if they are not doing this, we will end their services immediately.

  • Why is there such a broad range in the amount of followers gained?

    The range is broad because each client's page varies greatly. Remember, we promote your page that brings you lots of traffic. In order to follow you users want to see quality content and an interesting person/actor. View our Tips and Tricks so you can increase and maintain engagement with new followers, who eventually become your supportive fans!

  • Why only Instagram?

    According to industry insiders, Instagram has become the most relevant platform for talented artists to promote themselves since it's primarily a photo and video sharing platform.

    Plus, it's fun, easy and displays you and your work beautifully.

  • Can I do this myself?

    You can. We know actors who have obtained a great following spending many hours a day on their phone doing exactly what our service does. We believe your time is better spent focusing on your acting career and posting great content.

  • Will people realize I'm using a service?

    Any serious performer or business is applying techniques to grow their Instagram following. It's a standard practice in today's market. Some fellow actors may wonder how your page is growing so quickly, if so, feel free to send them to us for a great referral fee.

  • Is this expensive for actors?

    Our prices are very competitive and we deliver excellent results since we specialize in talent. It's very reasonable if you see the advantage of investing in your career to gain more credibility and a competitive advantage as an actor.

    Everyone's goals are different, we just have a great program that helps you efficiently grow.

  • I already have a strong following, can you help me?

    Yes we can. First thing, please join the free Actor Influencer database to be found by industry professionals for upcoming projects. Additionally, we can boost your following if you want to continue growing it quickly.